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This Ted Talk by Chip Kidd was very interesting to hear about what he does specifically. It was a whacky and I feel abstract way of doing a presentation which I thought was a great way to get the audiences attention. His talk about different authors and their cover designs was very intriguing. They way that for each cover designer, there was a different story on how they came up with the idea for the book cover that was shown during the Ted Talk.

In this article it states that it is best to keep the reader guessing and to have them wonder why the cover of the book should always have them pondering about what could happen or what will happen in the book. It is best to always have the reader guessing since it would keep them interested in reading more of the book to find out if they were right or wrong in their thoughts about what might happen in the book.

Book cover designers have a difficult time sometimes coming up with the idea on how to best convey the story through the title of the book. It usually takes some inspiration to get the idea that will best fit it. Some things that book designers would do is walk around outside and observe the outside world and see what inspires their minds and to hopefully create something spectacular.

Chip Kidd has a great way and a funny way of creating his covers for various artists. He always wants to make sure that his covers play on the words of the title. It is really interesting on how he is able to do this and have such an open, and artistic mind

I read this article to understand more of the philosophy behind creating book covers. As I was reading it, they mentioned Chip Kidd, which I found interesting having just watched a video on him. They mentioned him as a “pioneer in the field,” which I did not know he was so well known in the industry .

The main message he is trying to tell if you want to really make your cover stand out is to make sure the cover design is related to what the title says.

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